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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Final Farewells, last BBQ

Great friendships never die.
Keith and Michelle stayed with
us on our Kiwi Orchard in New
Zealand while on their honeymoon
in the early 1990s.
All our Lax friends got together
for a farewell BBQ.
Pro Bmx rider Cory with parents Susan and Flip 

Admiring the Rod.

Johns son Mike with Nancy Natalie and Michael

Our Motel balcony at Lax, a great property with
well maintained gardens and mature trees.
A credit to the Travelodge.

Some of the great garden

Pool area

All new Lax departure area.
Lax had 1.25 Million passengers through it on July 4th Weekend, We had no problems
at all, Staff were friendly and helpful, Security was tight but fast with cheerful and helpful workers, a
credit to LAX.
A big farewell to all our friends in the US and beyond ,we loved our travels over the last 15 months.
We did over 6000 miles by sea, 4000 miles by car, and about 35000 miles by Plane.
Thankyou all, and don't forget we are Harbour Hosts on the Gold Coast Australia, and look forward  to seeing some of you in the future, our contact details will be on the AGLCA site in the near future.

This is our final post.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tahoe to Los Angeles

Farewell to Tahoe, it was a
very pleasant stay, cool and clear,
especially after hot and humid
Florida. Only problem was
getting enough Oxygen at 7 to 8000
Feet of altitude.
Cool Mountain stream near Mammoth Lake

Straight  roads and Snowy peaks on the 395

This should do you Steve Mason

Clear enough

Hardy souls were swimming

Backdrop for many Movies, at Lone Pine Ca

My friend Jake doesn't
drink, but has a bar
named after him.
Good drive

One for you Len.

We stayed in the Historic Lone Pine Hotel. Many
Famous Movie stars stayed here during filming 

The future is here.

Back in L A, great accessory on this Webber, How
about it Ben.

Darla, John, Dawn, Music in Tustin Park

How's this for a ride,1951
Ford V8 Flat Head 38000 Miles
Everywhere we went people
would wind down their windows
and comment on what a great car.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Loopers in Tahoe and Truckee

Apart from the souvenir shops
 time in Truckee seems to have
stood still, the buildings anyway.
Had lunch here, well worth the visit.


Beautifully restored 1950s Gas Station


Freight Train came through while we were there

Donner Memorial to the ill-fated
Donner wagon train over the
Sierra Nevada

This little guy seemed happy enough

Final dinner with Sister and Bro in law Hilton.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Loopers at Placerville Ca then Tahoe Nv

Arrived at Ted and Sues lovely
home up in the hills, during docktails
watched the local
fauna wander by.
Next day wine tasting and food.

Some Hot Dog.

Had dinner at a vineyard one evening,
live music and beautiful setting.

Didn't seem to be a problem, for some reason

A real hardware store, spent half an hour here.

Town Square

Had a tough reputation on criminals

This was the towns original name

In the Foyer of the Historic Hotel

Texas beer at lunchtime in California.

I dislike Casinos and never waste my
hard earned, however went to a magnificent
Bistro at an Indian Casino, when the girls stopped for a couple of spins on the slots, though for once I would waste 1 dollar,($ 53 ). It paid for dinner. 
Sunset at Ted and Sues

Northward to my sisters home at
Incline Village Nevada, great views
of Lake Tahoe on the way
Big Sis and Dawn doing what they are good at.

Lake views from balcony.

Dawn enjoying 5 star service

Followed by a tour of the wine cellar.